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LAB PI Sarah S. Johnson Selected for the Carl Sagan Lecture by AGU 2021

LAB PI Prof. Sarah S. Johnson will be giving the upcoming Carl Sagan Lecture for the Biogeosciences and Planetary Sciences Sections at AGU 2021. This prestigious honor will highlight Prof. Johnson's research into finding signs of life outside of Earth, and allow her to share her perspective on the importance of taking an agnostic approach to such investigations. I love hearing Prof. Johnson talk about the search for life throughout the universe, and I find her passion to be infectious. I can't think of a better scientist to highlight the work from LAB at AGU!

Image description: Portrait photo of Dr. Sarah Johnson in her laboratory at Georgetown University.

Description from AGU's website:

Information on the lecture

The Carl Sagan Lecture is presented annually and recognizes a scientist who embodies Carl Sagan’s interest in astrobiology, as well as his effective science communication skills. This lecture honors the life of Carl Sagan, an astronomer and astrophysicist who was a leader in establishing the field of astrobiology. Sagan was also a tireless educator, author, and advocate for the space sciences.

The Sagan Lecture is presented at the AGU Fall Meeting. During even-numbered years, the Biogeosciences section manages the lecture and in odd-numbered years, the Planetary Sciences section sponsors the lecture.


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